Carlos Collazo

Mr. Carlos Collazo serves as a member of TransMed7’s Business Advisory Board.

Mr. Collazo is a global entrepreneur, technology inventor, and strategic technology business advisor.

Mr. Collazo started his career working in the international trade industry where he was exposed to business and the importance of information to support business.  He was able to apply his core skills in technology, analytics, and business development across a wide variety of industries by virtue of his early exposure to global business.

In 1980 and 1981, Mr. Collazo, having qualified as an FMC practitioner, created and filed the Pacific Coast European Conference Tariff FMC-18.  That technical correlation of commodity classification systems for the Brussel’s BTN and the United Nation’s SITC in FMC-18 provided the private sector technical contribution needed to facilitate a successful implementation of the United States objectives via the CCC and the ITC processes for the creation and adoption of a harmonized international trade commodity classification system.  Today, these tariff and commodity classification systems are known as the Harmonized System (HS) for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System.  The HS is the international standard for reporting goods to customs and other government agencies.  Globally adopted by 180 countries and covering 98% of merchandise trade, the HS has been administered by the Brussels-based World Customs Organization (WCO) since 1988.

In 1982, Mr. Collazo founded Mariner Systems Incorporated (MSI or Marsys) and served as its Chairman and CEO until the company was sold in 2013.  Marsys was part of the Marsys Group of global technology and IT service companies delivering services and technologies to Fortune 500 companies in over 20 countries.  Some of these companies included MetiLinx, Akhela, Generation 3, Ke Solutions, Terremark, iBase, McCullockGroup, Barkawi, XyberShield, RedHerring, Tradecom Solutions, Omix, Marsys Digital, and Xecuritas (Mailwatch), to name a few.

Since 1982, Mr. Collazo has also founded and/or led several successful technology companies and programs.  Mr. Collazo was the strategic business and technology architect for companies such as:

  • Marsys Digital, which designed, built, implemented, and operated global digital media platforms for The Coca-Cola Company (Coke Digital Network-CDN), AT&T (Digital Neighborhood Advertising – DNA), and other companies.
  • MetiLinx, which delivered enterprise system management technology[6] to Compaq, HP, Microsoft, Computer Associates, BMC, Nokia, Telecom Italia, JP Morgan, and others.
  • Decision Dynamix Corporation, which provided advanced data analytics automation to the pharmaceutical distribution market with its industry leading proprietary IRAM technologies for companies such as Bergen Brunswig (now AmerisourceBergen) Interlinx system, Cardinal Health, and McKesson, among others.
  • Infotiva, which provided services to Merrill Lynch Online; (Bluestone Capital), Intuit’s small business integration for lending in its early days; and Partner E-Learning Connection with Ernst and Young for Cisco Systems, which became the premier online training and e-learning platform serving 30,000+ Cisco Systems channel partners.

Mr. Collazo has invented various technologies across key technology areas and has applied those patented technologies across applications and platforms to the benefit of businesses and customers.  The derivative works from these core technologies are still in productive use in the market via licenses and/or acquisitions.  Among others, the patented and trade secret technologies have been applied in several areas, including cyber security, systems optimization, digital media, data analytics (descriptive, predictive), education, medical/pharmaceutical, and trade systems.

Mr. Collazo’s patented technologies have been referred, cited, and applied in over 55 patents by many of the world’s leading technology companies, including industry leaders such as: Hewlett – Packard Corporation, Intel, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle, Google, Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Honeywell International, International Business Machines Corporation, and many others.

Mr. Collazo has been the leading proponent of the analytical correlation of innovation and inter-operable frameworks used in combination with cyber intelligence to guide strategic business and organizational decisions.

Mr. Collazo has served on the boards of several educational institutions and leadership councils including: NFTE – Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Board of Advisors; Notre Dame University (de Namur) Trustee; University of Arizona MIS Board of Advisors; Reactrix Board of Advisors; Horassis Global Meeting During World Economic Forum, Switzerland Speaker and Panelist; United States Library of Congress – Center for the Book American Women Authors, Read It Loud!, Foundation Co-Chairman; and Cyber Intelligence Initiative of the Institute of World Politics, Board of Advisors.

Mr. Collazo is a graduate of Oklahoma State University.