Corporate Governance

TransMed7, LLC is a privately held Limited Liability Corporation, organized in the State of Delaware in 2010.  As such, it is managed by the Chief Executive Officer, reporting to the governing Board of Directors of the Company.  Powers of the Manager and Powers Reserved to the Board are as outlined in the Operating Agreement of the Company, as ratified by the Members of the Company.

Additionally, TransMed7 maintains close ties with several key industry leaders of independent medical device corporations and other organizations as periodic Board Advisors to provide strategic guidance to the Board when needed.

TransMed7’s independent tax advisory and auditing firm is Aronson, LLC.

fountain pen with cc info softenedTransMed7 is dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in all of its business operations and communications.

Board of Directors

James W. Vetter, MD Chairman of the Board

Eugene H. Vetter:  Chief Executive Officer, TransMed7, LLC

Jeffrey C. Coyne:  General Counsel, Transmed7, LLC

Jack W. Cumming:  Member of the Board

John B. Simpson, MD, PhD:  Strategic Advisor to the Board

Tracy A. Sykes:  Member of the Board

Business Advisory Board

Eugene H. Vetter:  Chairman

Edgar D. Staren, MD, PhD, MBA:  Executive Chairman

TransMed7’s Business Advisory Board is a body that provides strategic advice to the CEO and President of TransMed7, LLC.  Its principal function is to offer assistance to TransMed7’s senior management team by providing high-quality advice and networking in TransMed7’s industry.

The TransMed7 Business Advisory Board is composed of accomplished experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives that will contribute to the accomplishment of TransMed7’s tactical goals and strategic objectives.  These business experts represent a carefully selected group of proven innovators, each of whom has already established his or her reputation based on high ethical standards, demonstrated leadership, and a willingness to embrace and support a mission for the good of others.  The Members of the Business Advisory Board provide TransMed7’s Senior Management Team with expanded business perspectives in a constantly changing environment, and each Member brings a focus and particular emphasis on one or more of a number of business sectors, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning, including Tactical Execution;
  • Commercial Launch of new Platform Technologies;
  • U.S. and O.U.S.-based Distributors and Sales Networks;
  • Corporate Relations Analysis and Development;
  • International Business Management and Strategic Market Development;
  • Financial Management, Fundraising and Investment Performance Options;
  • Corporate Compliance and Tax Planning Advice; and
  • Public Relations, Networking, Communications and Advocacy.

The members of TransMed7’s Business Advisory Board are listed as follows:

Test     Tony M. Astorga

Mark Bradley



Mark A. Bradley

Carlos Collazo




Carlos Collazo

Thomas Cowan cropped




Thomas Cowan


Michael Cyrus



Michael J. Cyrus


Carin Fradin



Carin Fradin


David P. Harding (2) - Copy




David P. Harding


Jerry Turin




Jerry Turin