Corsair Atherectomy Device Platform

The Corsair product platform of atherectomy devices has been generated to fulfill the needs of cardiovascular interventionists for next-generation, minimally invasive, cost-effective devices specially configured for cardiovascular interventions to treat acute and chronic total or subtotal occlusions (blockages) in coronary vessels (blood vessels in the heart itself) that lead to heart attacks and heart failure, as well as peripheral vessels (blood vessels in the limbs, for example in the lower leg) which lead to greatly decreased blood supply that may lead to pain, limb damage, and even limb loss.

Design Features:

  • Working element based on TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technologies configured for cardiovascular interventions in both coronary and peripheral vessels.
  • Designed to treat total and subtotal occlusions, including in vessels too small for current technologies to reach.



Health Care Advancements:

  • Corsair atherectomy platform technologies utilize a forward-cutting, forward-coring working element based on TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology. The wide open central lumen permits unlimited tissue removal without the need to remove the device while tissue samples are transported proximally immediately during coring.
  • TransMed7’s Zero5 technology mechanisms can be manufactured in very small dimensions, which means Corsair devices are designed to treat occlusions in blood vessels that may be too small for current technologies to reach. The extremely low profile inherent in the Zero5 design provides maximum opportunity for downstream flow during the procedure, even while the instrument is in the target vessel.
  • Corsair devices are also designed to treat in-stent restenosis, where occlusions recur after placement of a stent intended to keep the blood vessel open.
  • Corsair devices are designed to be compatible with several imaging alternatives, including OCT and IVUS, yet are not dependent on use of those intravascular imaging technologies for obtaining precise debulking of the occlusion.
  • Our Corsair atherectomy device platform is designed from the onset according to cardiovascular interventionist-based requirements, with the goal of generating vascular interventional technologies to provide the most cost-effective and durable solutions, with or without additional pharmacologic and vascular wall stabilizing adjunctive treatments.

Development Status:

The Corsair devices are currently being developed under a TransMed7 internal Project.

Technology Details:

The Corsair product platform is described further below.

Novel technologies based on TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology for interventional cardiovascular diseases; address challenges for removing blockages and total occlusions while preserving and restoring the arterial intima.