TransMed7’s Platform Technologies

TransMed7 develops medical technologies as various device platforms.  Within each single platform of technologies, we further generate individual device models that, while designed from one basic concept, are able to address different needs of physicians and their patients.

In addition, several of TransMed7’s new platform technologies intended for use in separate medical fields are derived from a common “working element” originally developed in the SpeedBird platform of devices.  This “working element” consists of a set of twin cutting blades that are forward-cutting and forward-coring as they move through tissues of different densities ranging from fatty tissues to cartilage and bone.  Our technologies are designed to reliably and consistently obtain full-core, uniform-diameter samples from all of these tissue types, with intact tissue architecture.

The video below shows five different TransMed7 device platforms that have evolved from the SpeedBird platform technologies.


TransMed7’s devices are designed to be “minimally invasive” or “minimal access”.  This means that a diagnostic or treatment intervention may be approached using these devices via a natural body orifice or via a small incision made in the skin.  One or even multiple procedures can be accomplished in this manner as is necessary.

Further information for many of TransMed7’s new platform technologies that are currently under development can be found using the links below.

SpeedBird 38 & SpeedBird Universal






Osprey & Thunderbird

Mustang, Hurricane, Zeppelin, & Warhawk