TransMed7’s Intellectual Property Process & Portfolio

TransMed7’s patent portfolio development process starts from new concept inception.

Our patent strategy can be likened to building a pyramid, with a solid base of broad patent application construction to protect the concept idea, continuing throughout the prototype development cycle, and culminating with submission of a range of new patent applications to reflect and protect the final “as built” designs.

IP cycle

TransMed7’s comprehensive strategy allows both defensive and offensive IP tactics to be deployed as the new technology matures.

Global Patent Office CollageWe keep patent application progeny alive for as long as possible – not to stretch the timeline of coverage, but to continue to broaden it.  We are not satisfied until a complete portfolio of issued patents, both in the U.S. and Internationally, is achieved to protect our new platform technologies.

IP Portfolio CollageTransMed7’s Intellectual Property portfolio has been developed to provide worldwide, multiple, interlocking patent coverage of all significant structural and functional aspects of our next generation interventional platform devices and methods.

TransMed7’s Lead Patent Attorney is Alan Young.  For more information, please contact

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