Jonathan J. Coyne

Jon Coyne, MDiv, serves as Vice President of Administration & Chief of Staff for TransMed7.  As a signer of the original Founders Agreement of TransMed7, LLC, Jon has been providing leadership and sharing the story of TransMed7 through his communication skills since 2010.

Jon graduated from U.C. Berkeley in three years while also selling real estate in San Francisco during the time of 20% interest rates.  He worked for two large firms in San Francisco from 1982- 1985.  His early business experience was shaped by his real estate sales experience as well as three years (from 1985-1988) working as a loan officer for a mortgage banking company.  During that time he was the leading loan originator for his office and developed the ability to track multiple transactions (up to 100 at a time) before the advent of desktop computers.

Jon’s Non-Profit organization experience includes serving as Director of Ministries for a Silicon Valley congregation beginning in 1995, where he started with a staff of two and has grown the ministries to a staff of 30.  During this time, he founded a preschool which is now the largest independent preschool in his district, serving over 100 families per year.  Additionally, Jon has helped launch four new ministries in other cities.  As the Senior Pastor of a thriving Silicon Valley church and preschool, Jon has met and learned from many leaders in the high tech industry and other areas of business.  Prior to this he was the sole Pastor for a rural congregation from 1992-1995 and also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the California-Nevada-Hawaii district of the Lutheran Church, District Chair for the Youth Committee, Salary Guidelines Task Force, and Founder of Annual Mission offering.  He has served on numerous boards for national, regional and local churches and was Director of Communications for a National 501(c) 3 promoting leadership in the national Lutheran Church.

Jon Coyne received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters of Divinity degree from Concordia Theological Seminary.