TransMed7’s Technology Pipeline

TransMed7’s technology concept pipeline covers multiple, diverse medical fields with broad applications as recommended by our global network of physicians, surgeons, and nurses. We are currently focusing on the development of minimally invasive solutions in the following areas:

  • Tissue biopsy and complete removal of lesions including applications for breast, abdominal, thoracic, head and neck, urologic, endoscopic (GI, bronchial, nasopharyngeal, etc.), robotic, and laparoscopic procedures. TransMed7 device platforms addressing these applications include SpeedBird 38 and Universal, Concorde, Cardinal, Cygnet, Martinet, Phoenix, Osprey, and Thunderbird.
  • Therapeutic endovascular (Coronary Artery Disease/Peripheral Artery Disease) interventions. TransMed7 device platforms addressing these applications include Corsair, Corsair II, Mustang, Hurricane, Zeppelin, and Warhawk.

TransMed7’s Tissue Excision Technologies

TransMed7’s portfolio of tissue excision device platforms is well positioned for applications in many medical fields where targeted, minimally invasive procedure options are determined to be a preferable option to, or a useful adjunct to, open surgical procedures.  The following features describe some of TransMed7’s tissue excision device advantages:

  • TransMed7’s devices can be manufactured in very small dimensions, including variable-diameter access needles from fine-needle to large-core.  Choice of access needle dimensions enables gentle, easily controlled, and truly minimally invasive access to challenging surgical spaces consisting of a wide range of tissue types from soft tissue to cartilage and bone.
  • These capabilities also enable TransMed7’s technologies to be used in cases where the target tissue consistency is highly mismatched compared with surrounding tissue matrices.
  • Of utmost importance, TransMed7’s devices collect tissues intact with well-preserved architecture, providing a pathologist with all needed, optimally evaluable specimens for a rapid and definitive diagnosis.
  • TransMed7’s highly effective coring and part-off technologies are the first to provide “zero-dead-space” capability, utilizing their patented, minimally invasive coring and cutting mechanism that is incorporated within inner and outer lateral dimensions as well as the distal end of the coring/cutting tip to capture the target lesion with intact tissue architecture.
  • TransMed7’s “zero-dead-space” technologies enable a physician to gently advance, with minimal disruption in the tissues, the working end of these devices to approach and penetrate through and, as desired, beyond target tissue borders, many of which are located directly adjacent to structures that must not be damaged – including vascular walls, nerves, nearby sensitive organs, encapsulated tissues, and any other tissues that need to remain undisturbed.

TransMed7’s Zero Five Technology

Zero5 Technology enables the following health care advancements during a biopsy procedure:

zero five technology collage of SB tips

  • Zero-1:  Zero dead space beyond what the tip touches and cores
  • Zero-2:  Zero host tissue nor lesion tissue displacement
  • Zero-3:  Zero lesion length restriction
  • Zero-4:  Zero tissue bias*
  • Zero-5:  Zero cored specimen distortion

* All caliber devices from 21 gauge to 8 gauge core all tissues the same, from lung to bone, without bias.

Further Information About TransMed7’s Products & Projects