Mustang, Hurricane, Zeppelin, & Warhawk Cardiovascular Intervention Device Platform

The Mustang, Hurricane, Zeppelin, and Warhawk product platforms of cardiovascular intervention devices have been generated to fulfill the needs of cardiovascular interventionists for next-generation, minimally invasive, cost-effective devices specially configured for cardiovascular intervention procedures, including: directional atherectomy, thrombo-embolic protection/embolectomy/thrombectomy, drug eluting balloon catheters, and soft tissue and endovascular material removal.

Design Features:

  • Mustang: Directional atherectomy.
  • Hurricane: Thrombo-embolic protection/embolectomy/thrombectomy.
  • Zeppelin II: Steerable, conformable, drug eluting balloon catheter.
  • Warhawk: Soft tissue and endovascular material removal.

These product platforms are illustrated further below.

Hurricane, Zep and Warhawk

Mustang Platform:  Cardiovascular Intervention (Directional Atherectomy) Devices

Hurricane Platform:  Thrombo-Embolic Protection / Embolectomy / Thrombectomy Devices

Zeppelin II Platform:  Steerable, Conformable, Drug Eluting Balloon Catheter Devices

Warhawk Platform:  Soft Tissue and Endovascular Material Removal Devices