Objectives: Why We Do What We Do

Because we believe that:

  • Group Pic of TeamPatients have critical, unmet clinical needs that require new thinking and new approaches.
  • Traditional business approaches have resulted in very long timeframes to develop breakthrough medical technologies from “concept” to “in clinicians’ hands”.
  • New thinking and approaches are required for truly transformational device development.

Therefore, our mission is to provide transformational technologies to meet critical medical needs around the world in a far shorter timeline than traditional business approaches can accomplish.  This achieves our overarching goal of getting critically needed medical technology in the hands of clinicians for the benefit of their patients as rapidly as possible.

With our overarching goals in mind, we work diligently to achieve the following objectives:

  • Decrease cost of production while ensuring safety, ruggedness, and reliability of function.
  • Build devices with emphasis on ease of use.
  • Ensure access for more patients.
  • Partner with providers of advanced adjunct technologies.

We continually evaluate and incorporate every efficiency to decrease the cost of our medical technologies during development, while maintaining full functionality for the intended use of our devices.

We design our technologies from the beginning as product platforms, with development potential foremost in mind.  This means that, from a new fundamental core mechanism, multiple variants derived from one basic platform can be rapidly developed for a wide range of medical/surgical sub-specialty applications.

We also focus heavily on simplicity of component designs in order to decrease cost as well as to maximize reliability and minimize risk of component failures and device malfunctions.

We emphasize user-friendly designs from the outset that will lower the entry barrier for surgeons, interventionists, and other health care providers into a specific medical field.  Because we build technologies emanating from device platforms, the resulting standardized operating principles will be familiar to clinicians using variants of devices within a single product platform.

We design our devices to operate with supporting or adjunct technologies that are available to clinicians everywhere.

As our logo indicates, we develop technologies that utilize the minimally invasive approach.  This together with our emphasis on user-friendly designs means that many procedures with our devices can be performed in outpatient and clinical settings that are geographically accessible for many more patients.

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