Our Philosophy…And Our Logo

Hummingbird with shadow pictureTransMed7’s logo, the hummingbird, represents to us Nature’s perfection of the term minimally invasive.  Even in adverse weather, a hummingbird is capable of extreme precision in gently extracting nectar and pollen from the most delicate flower while at the same time delivering pollen from another flower.  Its actions may be imagined, as we have, to represent an ideal interventional procedure.  Therefore, our continual quest is to approach such perfection in designing the structure and function of our next generation minimally invasive medical devices.

TransMed7’s hummingbird logo also represents targeted, focused, lightweight agility and speed; characteristics that apply to every aspect of the Company’s operations.  Surveillance with perspective of the global health care landscape generates a stream of concepts that are incorporated into TransMed7’s pipeline of innovative solutions.