Our Philosophy

Our strong belief and guiding principle is simply that patients always come first.

As a developer of novel medical devices, our highest priority is to serve as many patients in need as we can with the safest and most effective technology that we can offer.  Every activity in which we are engaged proceeds from a single collective purpose: to accomplish this goal to the very best of our abilities.

To Our Visitors:  We hope that as you navigate our website you will realize that everything and everyone – including our business structure, the technologies themselves, our partnerships, our activities, and most importantly our people – work together to best serve patients around the globe.  Moreover, we hope this website will give you a sense of the endeavors upon which we are embarked, and our passion to use our collective talents in developing transformational medical technologies that truly make a difference for patients.

We invite you to join us in whatever way your own passion leads you to help us better serve others.

James Vetter and Gene Vetter, Co-Founders of TransMed7, LLC

James and Gene collage

Further Information About Our Philosophy