TransMed7’s Strategic Partner Initiative

As a medical device manufacturer,TransMed7 has full commercial manufacturing capabilities.  However, we do not attempt to duplicate the large commercial manufacturing, sales, and distribution capabilities of leading industry corporations.  Our efforts are focused on developing new technologies, not on building companies with massive infrastructure.

TransMed7 may choose to work closely with one or more Strategic Partners if this approach allows us to bring essential tools to global healthcare markets more rapidly and at lower cost via partnerships with Strategic Acquirers of our technologies.

TransMed7’s Strategic Partner initiative is designed to assess and respond to interest from outside companies in acquiring specific technologies through acquisition of a TransMed7 Project LLC.  As part of our diligence during the launch phase of a project in response to an unmet clinical need, we may identify more than one potential acquiring partner with a stated interest in obtaining our technology.

If a Strategic Partnership path is chosen, we work in synergy with our network of healthcare professionals and our Strategic Partners to achieve rapid, optimal technology development and market release.  Early collaboration facilitates development of an ideal set of product features that conform to a Strategic Partner’s portfolio and also streamlines the acquisition process of the Project LLC.

TransMed7 welcomes input from Strategic Partners regarding development of specific product features to enhance market position in specific call points and geographies.  We recognize, highly value, and respond to the information that flows between an internal sales force and its customers.

Sales and Customers

Because we may have several interested acquiring parties for each of our Project LLCs, we do not require funding or commitment to acquisition during product development, although we do not discourage these as an alternative or adjunct to our funding phase when clear advantages are presented for meeting our objectives of getting medical technology advancements to healthcare professionals as rapidly as possible.

Although we fund and lead development of our technologies, we endeavor to match our Partners’ needs as closely as possible with respect to their internal portfolio directions and market strategies.

What we look for in a Strategic Partner: 

  • Interest in growth that utilizes a highly efficient technology acquisition strategy with an understanding of the economic advantages that TransMed7’s innovative business model enables
  • Interest in acquiring (and values) true platform technologies
  • Recognition that timely acquisition of TransMed7 technologies quickly confers a competitively advantageous, dominant market position
  • Recognition of the advantages associated with serial TransMed7 technology acquisitions
  • Desire to bring TransMed7 technologies to the healthcare market rapidly for the benefit of patients