SpeedBird 38 & SpeedBird Universal Soft Tissue Biopsy Device Platform


TransMed7’s first Project is SpeedBird, LLC which provides novel, minimally invasive ultrasound-guided tissue excision technologies designed to immediately and effectively address well defined gaps in women’s health care around the world.

SpeedBird 38 and SpeedBird Universal

  • Stainless steel one-piece coring, parting-off, and transport mechanism;
  • Internal DC motor;
  • Nearly effortless penetration and coring.

sb and sbu 1st collage

  • Single insertion, multiple sample (SIMS) capable devices which are hand held and do not require a console;
  • Radiolucent tissue magazine which may contain fixative;
  • Multiple options for delivery of variety of materials (i.e. therapeutic agents, markers, metallic pellets, etc.) to the procedure site.

sb & sbu collage extra

SpeedBird 38 – Fully Automated, Single Use

  • Built in battery power;
  • Automatic cycling (tissue coring, part-off, and transport) with unrestricted core length;
  • 12 cm working element.sb & sbu collage 3

SpeedBird Universal – Manually Operated, Single Use

SBu2 with text and images

SpeedBird Universal – Manually Operated, Single Use

SBU 1 text and images together

SpeedBird Project Schedule Timeline