Who We Are And What We Do


TransMed7 is a privately-held medical technology company founded in 2010 to generate transformational technologies for diverse fields of healthcare around the world.

Products from our technology pipeline that are currently under development are designed to address critical healthcare needs in medical fields such as: breast health; soft tissue surgery, including small or fragile tissues and challenging surgical spaces, with endoscopy, laparoscopy, and robotics applications; bone marrow biopsy and harvest; interventional cardiology; and minimally invasive peripheral vascular procedures.

Each product that we develop is designed to be highly cost effective, because to truly serve a world population means ensuring that emerging countries can afford the healthcare products that they need.

Our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board, together with our global network of internationally recognized clinician leaders, assist in guiding TransMed7’s technology development on a daily basis.

CSAB TransMed7’s CSAB and our global network of consulting clinicians are innovative leaders in their fields.

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Medical technology concepts that we generate and protect from an intellectual property (IP) perspective are placed into our technology pipeline.  From there, TransMed7’s leadership team critically assesses each concept’s viability, including the ability to quickly expand a powerful intellectual property (IP) portfolio as well as potential capabilities to accelerate adoption.

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Further Information About TransMed7’s Technology Pipeline

Further Information About TransMed7’s IP Process & Portfolio

Technology concepts that meet our criteria for product development are generally organized as stand-alone subsidiary project companies (Project LLCs).  A Project LLC schedule begins with technology concept refinement, proceeds through product development with U.S./O.U.S. market release, and culminates in commercial manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

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TransMed7’s goal is to provide critically needed technology to clinicians for the benefit of their patients as rapidly as possible.

Handshake with diversityIn some cases, our goal may be best achieved by choosing to work closely with one or more Strategic Partners who are committed to acquiring our medical technologies and bringing them to the healthcare market rapidly. In these cases, the Project LLC is developed to an optimal level (established by the Project LLC’s Product Development Schedule) that maximizes valuation for acquisition and exit placement with a chosen Strategic Partner.

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