Pre-Production Test Devices of Heron’s “Zero5” Work Element Scaled to 18 Gauge and on Long (16 cm+) Needles Being Prepared

TransMed7 is delighted to announce the ongoing production of prototype HeronTM devices for its newly announced Project Company, Heron MD, LLC. Annually there are over 400,000 prostate needle core biopsies and conservative estimates suggest over 250,000 liver and kidney needle biopsies performed in the U.S. alone. Pain from prostate core needle biopsy is related to the number of insertions/cores (most procedures still use single insertion/single sample devices) that are required for effective biopsies and to the difficulty of administering effective local anesthetic during the procedure. This limits patient willingness to undergo, complete, and/or repeat procedures; published reports suggest that 20% of the patients that have undergone the current procedure would not go through it again even if deemed necessary by the treating physician. The Heron incorporates our patented “Zero5” work element scaled to 18 gauge in a simple, cost-effective design with the same forward coring action, and an effective pulse/continuous option anesthetic delivery system, while maintaining all the ease of use advantages of the Concorde platform that enable flat learning curves and rapid adoption of these single insertion, multiple sample core biopsy devices for prostate, kidney, liver, and other deep organs/soft tissues. We are pleased to report that “pre-production” test devices are being prepared in conjunction with Peridot Corporation, our Strategic Partner for complete end-to-end precision manufacturing and clean room assembly services.

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