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Cardinal is TransMed7’s application of Zero5 technology to lymph node, thyroid, liver, pancreas and kidney biopsy.​​

The Technology

The Cardinal product platform of soft tissue biopsy devices has been generated to fulfill the needs of clinicians across medical fields for next-generation, minimally invasive, cost-effective devices designed to safely, reliably, and consistently obtain high-quality biopsy samples for initial diagnostic purposes from small tissues of the body and/or from those tissues located in difficult to access areas.

Design Features

TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology scalable down to 22 gauge or smaller.

Health Care Advancements

Zero Collateral Tissue Displacement

Cardinal devices are manufactured in very small sizes and are designed to obtain biopsy samples from small or fragile tissues of the body (such as lymph nodes, thyroid, liver, and pancreas, for example), similar to a procedure called “fine-needle aspiration” (FNA). However, in contrast to fine-needle aspiration technologies, Cardinal devices are designed to have additional capabilities as “fine-needle core biopsy” devices.

This is possible because Cardinal platform technologies use TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology with a forward-cutting, forward-coring working element designed to obtain solid, full-core, uniform-diameter tissue samples with intact architecture for histopathology analysis, rather than the more limited cytology studies.

Zero Dead Space

As with other devices utilizing TransMed7’s Zero5 technology, there is no “dead space” beyond the tips of the Cardinal beaks, meaning that the working element can obtain core biopsy samples all the way through (and beyond, if desired) the target tissue, thereby minimizing potential damage to important nearby structures (e.g. nerves, blood vessels, neighbouring organs).

Cardinal devices are thus designed to be as safe as possible while maintaining a high degree of cost-effectiveness and ease of use, allowing physicians who currently perform fine needle aspirations to readily adapt to using the Cardinal devices.

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Technical Details

The Cardinal product platform is described further below.


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