Concorde is TransMed7's application of Zero5 technology to stereotactic soft tissue biopsy for the field of breast health.

This next generation platform offers a host of advantages

Unlimited Access

Concorde can sample any lesion regardless of proximity to the imaging plate or breast size due to the absence of dead space. Suitable for both prone and upright platforms. Low profile allows for target-on-scout.

Minimally Traumatic

The simple nature of the penetration profile combined with constant rotation allows the device to gently move tissue aside during approach to the target lesion. This results in far less bleeding and trauma compared to sharp-blade penetration.

No Console

Concorde does not require an expensive, custom console, but still features single insertion, multiple sample operation with vacuum assistance and a fluid management system.

Accurate Sampling

Since Concorde does not need to fire through the lesion prior to sampling, there is no chance for tissue displacement. This can remove the need to repeat "post-fire" x-ray imaging, reducing overall radiation exposure.

Patient Comfort

The absence of firing reduces noise and fear associated with a sudden firing device. Additionally, patient exposure to radiation can be significantly reduced through the elimination of unnecessary imaging.

High Quality Samples

Concorde retrieves undistorted, full-core samples of any length regardless of tissue density. High-quality tissue samples are not only critical to the diagnosis, such samples best enable the many options available for newer precision medical treatments, including genomic based therapies.

Minimal Set-Up and Waste

Because there is no custom console, Concorde does not require extensive tubing or system priming. Additionally, there is minimal tubing to dispose.

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Technical Details

Concorde US (Ultrasound) product platform is described further below.

Concorde US (Ultrasound)

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