Corsair Big Letter


Corsair is TransMed7’s application of Zero5 technology to vascular intervention.

This next generation platform offers a host of advantages

The Technology

Based on TransMed7’s forward-cutting, forward-coring Zero5 technology, Corsair is a next-generation, complete vascular atherectomy solution for chronic total and subtotal occlusions and total disease removal.

  • Wide open central lumen enables unlimited tissue removal without the need to remove the device while tissue samples are collected and transported
  • Treat occlusions in coronary vessels (blood vessels in the heart itself) that lead to heart attacks and heart failure, as well as peripheral vessels (in the limbs) which lead to decreased blood supply that may cause pain, limb damage and limb loss
  • Treat occlusions in vessels too small for current technologies
  • Treat in-stent restenosis, where occlusions recur
  • Designed to deliver the most cost-effective and durable vascular intervention solution, with or without additional pharmacologic and vascular wall stabilizing adjunctive treatments

Want to Know More?

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