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Heron is TransMed7’s SIMC biopsy platform for Prostate, Liver and Kidney minimally invasive procedures

Heron XP - Automatic Core Sampling Device

The Technology

The Heron product platform of SIMC soft tissue biopsy devices has been generated to fulfill the needs of clinicians across medical fields for next-generation, minimally invasive, cost-effective devices designed to safely, reliably, and consistently obtain high-quality Core Biopsy samples for initial diagnostic purposes for prostate, liver, kidney and other sensitive organs.

Heron RO - Robotic Device

Design Features

TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology in 12-18 gauge core needle options.
Active pain management control with open central lumen and anesthetic injection port.
Single Insertion-Multiple Collection (SIMC) for reduced tissue damage and procedure times.
Precise targeting capabilities to avoid collateral damage to sensitive vascular/nerve bundles and urethra in the prostate.
May allow simultaneous biopsy and debulking procedures in the prostate, to reduce BPH symptoms.
Future Robotic applications for Prostate Biopsy and BPH Symptom Relief (Debulking) Interventions

Heron RO - Remote Control Unit (RCU)

Health Care Advancements

Zero Collateral Tissue Damage; with Active Pain Management

Heron devices were designed to obtain biopsy samples from small or fragile tissues of the body (prostate, liver and kidney, for example). Because the Heron platform devices are Single Insertion - Multiple Collection (SIMC) devices, they represent a major step forward for prostate biopsy and BPH debulking procedures, while controlling pain and reducing tissue and sensitive nearby structure damage. The goal is to induce patients to consider earlier diagnosis based on symptoms, knowing that the procedure itself will be far less traumatic and painful than current procedures with competitive devices.

This is possible because Heron platform technologies use TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology with a forward-cutting, forward-coring working element designed to precisely target and obtain multiple solid, full-core, uniform-diameter tissue samples with intact architecture in a single insertion for histopathology analysis.

Zero Dead Space

As with other devices utilizing TransMed7’s Zero5 technology, there is no “dead space” beyond the tips of the Heron beaks, meaning that the working element can obtain core biopsy samples all the way through (and beyond, if desired) the target tissue, thereby minimizing potential damage to important nearby structures (e.g. nerves, blood vessels, nearby structures or organs). Safety is paramount, and we designed the Heron platform devices with that in mind.

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Heron SIMC platform devices

Heron XP - Fully Automated Biopsy Device
Heron XPS - Manual Core Length Control
Heron XPK - Manual Core Length Control

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