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Phoenix is TransMed7’s newest adaptation of Zero5 technology for flexible microcatheter endoscopic applications.

Phoenix Universal

The Technology

The Phoenix product platform of soft tissue biopsy devices is currently under development as a baseline proof of concept for future SIMC endoscopic devices. The Phoenix platform is also designed to function as a baseline technology for TransMed7's future cardiovascular interventional devices, and specifically as the precursor to our Corsair and Nautilus projects, also currently under development with our partners.

Design Features

TransMed7’s patented Zero5 technology adapted to flexible microcatheters, scalable down to 22 gauge or smaller.
Fine Needle Core Biopsy capabilities for extremely delicate endoscopic procedures
Future Robotic applications for endoscopic FNCB

Phoenix RO (Robotic Endoscopy Applications)

Health Care Advancements

A whole new approach to endoscopic procedures

The Phoenix product platform is designed to adapt TransMed7's Zero5 technology to flexible catheter applications as a baseline for advanced endoscopic applications.

Phoenix also serves as a "proof of concept" to pave the way for future cardiovascular interventional products, currently under development by TransMed7 and our partners.

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Phoenix platform devices

Phoenix fully automatic SIMC endoscopic device
Phoenix Universal Endoscopic Device
Phoenix RO for robotic encoscopic procedures with VacuTower and WCU

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