SpeedBird is TransMed7's application of Zero5 technology to handheld soft tissue biopsy for the field of breast health.

This next generation platform offers a host of advantages

Forward Coring

The world’s only forward sample coring, ultrasound guided, vacuum-assisted device.

Minimally Traumatic

The simple nature of the penetration profile combined with constant rotation allows the device to gently move tissue aside during approach to the target lesion. This results in far less bleeding and trauma compared to sharp-blade penetration.

Single Insertion, Multiple Sample

The cutting beak design paired with the smooth, hollow, inner lumen of the hypo tubes allows the operator to repeatedly capture and serially transport samples.

Ease of Use

Point and click targeting along with effortless penetration makes accurate retrieval of samples easy for operators both new and experienced.

Consistent, Reproducible, High Quality Samples

Speedbird retrieves undistorted, full-core samples of any length regardless of tissue density. High-quality tissue samples are not only critical to the diagnosis, such samples best enable the many options available for newer precision medical treatments, including genomic based therapies.

Cost Effective

Using the simplest possible cutting element lowers the cost of the most expensive component of biopsy devices. This allows the SpeedBird platform to aggressively compete in every economy.

TransMed Bird White Transparent Left

Technical Details

SpeedBird 38 and SpeedBird Universal product platforms are described further below.

SpeedBird 38 (SB38)

SpeedBird Universal (SBU)​

** Applies to SpeedBird Universal 99

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