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VacuPac and VacuTower

VacuPac and VacuTower are TransMed7’s new self-contained, external Vacuum Assist and Cytology Capture systems for use with all of our SIMC Devices.

VacuPac Self Contained Vacuum Assist / Cytology Capture Device
SpeedBird Universal without VacuPac

The Technology

VacuPac was designed to be a universal, self-contained, self-powered vacuum assist and cytology capture device that can be easily attached to any TransMed7 SIMC platform device - thereby obviating any need to build internal vacuum assist capabilities into each of those devices. This means that our SIMC devices can feature lower production costs while giving them greater flexibility to accept a variety of vacuum assist sources - knowing that in the absence of a facility-based vacuum source, or in the field, a disposable VacuPac will always do the job for the device.
VacuTower was designed to be a universal, self-contained, self-powered, rechargeable and reusable vacuum assist and cytology capture device for any SIMC device, but which also features greater capacity for stage mounted devices- including stereotactic, 2D-3D tomography and robotic systems . VacuTower also features a built in power source for our SIMC stage mounted devices, thereby lowering disposable device production costs while also adding remote control capabilities to our stage mounted SIMC devices using our Remote Control Unit (RCU) or Wireless Control Unit (WCU).

Design Features

Inexpensive, self-contained, self powered, quiet and efficient external vacuum assist and cytology capture devices.
No tubing or power cords needed to enable tetherless SIMC procedures using any of TransMed7's biopsy platform devices with disposable VacuPac.
VacuTower is a console-replacing, rechargeable vacuum/power/control module for any TransMed7 SIMC stage mounted biopsy device and can provide vacuum assist and cytology capture for any SIMC device.
Lowers COGS for all of TransMed7's disposable SIMC biopsy devices.

Concorde US with VacuPac
Heron Universal with VacuPac
SpeedBird Universal with VacuPac

Health Care Advancements

Keeping disposable SIMC biopsy device costs low

With VacuPac and VacuTower, there is no need to build vacuum assist capabilities internally into TransMed7's disposable SIMC biopsy devices, which keeps production costs very efficient for our devices.

Universal Vacuum Assist and Cytology Collection

It is well known that efficient vacuum assistance applied to SIMC biopsy devices can increase the efficiency of those devices to capture and transport intact tissue samples for histologic analysis.
Adding cytology capture capabilities allows the Pathologist and patient therapy team to exploit concordance of histology with cytology, and thereby gain vital additional information needed to plan and choose the best treatment option for a specific patient. In a world where neoadjuvant and genomics based therapy options are expanding, ensuring that all of the vital information is captured from a patient in a single procedure as early as possible may be determinant for the therapy outcome.

TransMed Bird White Transparent Left
ThunderBird Laparoscopy Biopsy Instrument with VacuPac

Universal Vacuum Assist and Cytology Collection

The VacuPac and VacuTower product platform were designed to keep our disposable SIMC platform devices costs lower, while providing external vacuum assist and cytology capture capabilities to any of our biopsy devices.  

VacuPac and VacuTower

Remote Control Unit (RCU) for TransMed7 SIMC stage mount devices and VacuTower
Concorde ST with VacuTower and RCU

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