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Welcome to the new frontier of forward-coring biopsy devices

Zero5 is the new breakthrough technology that allows us to develop and deploy transformational device platforms for biopsy and cardiovascular intervention procedures, including future robotics applications 

The Zero5 Technology

The mechanism – the work element- consists of spinning, laser-fused, coaxial hypotubes, with sharp, flexing, “beaks” at the cutting end. The flex points, actuation elements, and the cutting beaks themselves are precisely laser cut providing open and closed positions with key geometric properties.

In the closed position, no element extends outside the profile of the outermost hypotube. This allows for efficient, minimally traumatic rotating penetration.

In the open position, the profile is no different than a wide-open tube, allowing unrestricted forward rotational coring and serial sample collection and transport from front to back.

Additionally, the cutting edges of the beaks meet at all points around their curves. This gives our devices the ability to fully sever and capture a tissue sample when returning to the closed position (after coring).

Zero is more

Zero5 enables Single Insertion - Multiple Collection (SIMC)

The Zero5 mechanism enables all TransMed7 platform devices on which they are based to be “Single Insertion – Multiple Collection” or “SIMC” devices.  This is possible because Zero5 means that all of these devices have an open central lumen, allowing cored tissue samples to be transported automatically to the device’s removable specimen collection magazine simultaneously with targeting and obtaining additional core tissue samples, thus allowing the device to continue to sample tissue as many times as desired with a single insertion of the device into an organ or structure.

At TransMed7, we believe that it is time for all Single Insertion – Single Sample (SISS) competitive devices to be completely eliminated from the market – patients clearly deserve better, gentler, less damaging, less painful and more precise biopsy outcomes.  Zero5 with SIMC will allow that to become reality.

SIMC means reduced tissue damage and procedure times.  

Zero5 and SIMC means more accurate “Point and Core” capabilities to capture the essential information needed by the therapy team.

Zero is more again.

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